Our Pricing

There are various types of foggy window problems. Being able to describe your windows will help us provide you with an accurate estimate.

  • FOGGY – Mist composed of moisture, tiny droplets that come and go with weather changes
  • MOISTURE – water drops and dribbles within the thermo pane unit that remains at all time
  • MINERAL DEPOSITS – Look like salt or sugar grains inside the unit that do not disappear with the weather changes
  • RIVER BEDS – Look like rivers have carved a path inside your window
  • HAZE – Whole window or center part has white, milky film that you can’t see through
  • Our defogging process removes moisture from between the panes of insulating glass.
  • If your windows are wet we can dry them. Glass units and kept them dry for years.
  • If your window have a dry stain, they may need to be replaced.
  • Save your money!
  • Our restoration process is much less expensive than the replacement of the sealed glass unit.
  • Thermal ‘R’ value of the insulating glass unit is improved when it goes from a wet to a dry state.
  • We restore windows of all types: Residential and Commercial.
  • Our defogging restoration process solves the problem of foggy windows.
  • BC Thermal Window Restorations provides the affordable alternative to having to buy new sealed insulating glass units.If you have windows that are fogged up between the panes of glass…. save your money…. BCTWR can fix them!

Why Choose Us?

  • In business since May of 2005.
  • We offer free, no obligation estimates.
  • We will de-fog and restore your windows.
  • We provide low cost window replacement.
  • We provide an environmentally friendly option.
  • Vancouver’s first and leading window defogger.
  • Our goal is to maximize a lasting quality clear window.
  • We pledge to give our customers the most accurate information.