How It Works

Our trained technicians drill tiny holes in your windows allowing us to dry between the panes of glass.

Using compressed air and a three stage desiccant filter drying system, we dry out the windows. We then install a one way valve that allows any leftover moisture to escape but none to enter. It takes years for windows to fill up with moisture; it may take time for windows to dry out. The key is that moisture will never return!Windows that have been failed for a long time may have permanent etchings from the moisture, which often look like white, milky streaks. These windows are not candidates for moisture removal but can be replaced at an unbeatable price.

Our trained technicians will advise you on both moisture removal and window replacement costs when giving estimates. Our replacement window costs are unbeatable. Because of our large volume we can secure discounts that we pass on to our customers. Tempered safety glass also cannot be drilled.


Although other companies claim they can dry out your windows, none of them are actually doing it.

BCTWR is the only company that actually drills and dries your windows, rather than just recommending replacement.

Fix Your Foggy Windows Today Call 604-537-6529
Fix Your Foggy Windows Today Call 604-537-6529