How It Works

How does Window Defogging work?

Thermal windows are made of two or more panes of glass separated by sealed air space. When this seal fails, moisture is drawn into the Insulated Glass Unit (IGU). Once the silica desiccant in the spacer bar between the panes becomes saturated, water droplets will be seen on the inside of the IGU. Moisture between the window panes cause your home to lose energy efficiency. At the first sign that moisture is in your windows, have BC Thermal Window Restorations come assess the windows.

BCTWR can drill, dry and vent your window.

We drill very small (3mm) holes in the corners of the exposed glass itself. We push warm dry clean air thru the window until it is dry. We then vent the window with a clear plastic valve. This valve will allow air to come and go but no moisture to enter.

To Avoid further permanent damage to your windows such as etchings or white milky streaks, BCTWR should Drill, dry and vent the failed windows at the first sign of moisture in the IGU. If you notice that your windows have started to create the white milky look, they may need replacing.

BCTWR will provide you with an honest estimate on the cost to defog your windows with the cost to replace your windows with every estimate.

“BEWARE THE BAIT AND SWITCH” Although other companies claim they can dry out your windows, few of them are actually doing it as they will only recommend you to replace your windows instead of providing you the right service to helping you save money on costly repairs.

Why Choose Us?

  • In business since May of 2005.
  • We offer free, no obligation estimates.
  • We will de-fog and restore your windows.
  • We provide low cost window replacement.
  • We provide an environmentally friendly option.
  • Vancouver’s first and leading window defogger.
  • Our goal is to maximize a lasting quality clear window.
  • We pledge to give our customers the most accurate information.