How Does Window Defogging Work?

The Process

The window repair is carried out onsite and does not require removing the glass from the frame. You can be assured that there is no dust or mess. Much of the work is done from the outside but on occasions we may need to operator from inside. The repair requires the installation of a micro valve on the surface of the glass over a 3mm hole. This valve is discreetly positioned in the corner of the window. The result is a clear window.

The thermal pane window behaves like a miniature greenhouse. Air between the glasses expands and contracts with the temperature of the sunlight. This in turn pumps air in and out of your windows. The window seal is semi-permeable and therefore not actually hermetically sealed. During the manufacturing of the windows water absorbing desiccant pellets are placed in the rim Spacer bar. This desiccant in the spacer bar prevents moisture from the hitting the glass portion that we can see after time these pellets become saturated and the excess hit the window portion that we look through.

Our process will permanently solve the problem. The sooner the window is repaired, the better the results because the water will eventually leave permanent stains. All standard windows can have the moisture removed. However, if the unit has been wet for a long time, mineral deposits may have formed on the inside glass surfaces. The glass may have some water spots caused by weather. If mineral deposits have been on the glass for an extended period they may have etched the inside surface of the glass. This is a permanent condition that, so far, cannot be restored.

How does BCTWR restore the windows? Our trained technicians arrive equipped with specialized tools and equipment. All service work is done on site, with a minimum of disruption and disturbance. Glass units are most often serviced from the exterior. Our technician will inspect each piece of glass individually and advise the customer of the condition and expected results after restoration. Using a specially made high speed diamond drill with lubrication, two to four very small holes are drilled in the outside glass in the corners. All service work is done through these holes.

Our micro vents allow the air pressure and humidity to equalize between the interior of the glass unit and outside. This prevents moisture from accumulating inside the unit again and has been recognized and proven as the solution to moisture between panes of glass for many years. Our restoration process is a modern adaptation of proven technology and is the permanent solution to the problem of failed insulating glass units.

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