• BCTWR is one of the original

    BCTWR is one of the original and the only currently operating window defoggers of Western Canada. BCTWR has been repairing and replacing failed windows since May 2005. In our 10 years in business we’ve been able to restore 85% of the windows undergoing the defogging process with the success of keeping them dry.

    We have also maintained our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since our beginning in 2005.

    If we cannot drill dry vent you windows we can replace them at a great price. A couple of reasons why we cannot drill, dry, vent include the windows being too badly stained, or the seal failure is greater than the valves can handle. Tempered safety glass cannot be drilled as it is heat stressed and will shatter upon drilling

    “Did you know that the window replacing industry standard is to mark up glass by 300%”

    We have no costly office, receptionist, marketing department or shop overhead. Simply Stated BCTWR stands for prompt estimates. We know that quality workmanship and material along with reasonable prices are a “given” in today’s market.

    For almost a decade, we have surprised the public by removing moisture and restoring their windows while saving them money! We offer complete window restoration including moisture removal, replacements and our best value package, preventative maintenance. Our unique process removes the moisture from thermal pane windows.

    BC THERMAL WINDOW RESTORATION INC. can solve your foggy window condensation problems at a fraction of the cost of installing new windows. We have finally found an alternative to window replacement! Scott was among the first five people trained to “Defog” in Western Canada and the only one operating in the area.

    All other people trained at this time have either moved on to other business ventures or are defogging out of British Columbia.