How Does Window Defogging Work?

The Process The window repair is carried out onsite and does not require removing the glass from the frame. You can be assured that there is no dust or mess. Much of the work is done from the outside ...
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BCTWR is one of the original

BCTWR is one of the original and the only currently operating window defoggers of Western Canada. BCTWR has been repairing and replacing failed windows since May 2005. In our 10 years in business ...
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Window Condensation Each winter we see more and more homeowners vitally interested in solving window condensation. Window condensation is not a happy interest because of bad experiences, which range ...
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What Causes Foggy Windows?

What Causes Foggy Windows? Double (and triple) pane glass windows are energy efficient but can become foggy windows over time. The rubber seal surrounding the two layers of glass can loosen, allowing ...
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