About Us

Since becoming incorporated in May 2005, BC Thermal Window Restoration Inc. is Vancouver’s first and leading window defogger! Scott Johnson is one of the original window defoggers in Western Canada. He is a pioneer of the window defogging procedure and is considered an expert as well as an information resource in window restoration in the Vancouver area. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people enjoy their beautiful views.

Scott was raised in New Westminster and currently resides in Kitsilano where he has been since 1999. One of his lifelong passions has been rugby, a sport that he has played for 25 years. He maintains active participation in his community as a member and past president of the Vancouver Fraser Valley Rugby Referee Society where he continues to referee both high school and men’s league rugby games on a weekly basis.

Scott is also the proud father of three children which is the main motivation behind growing his business.

From an early age, Scott was always involved in the trades. He started his career as a framer of residential houses for ten years then branched off into becoming an electrician for another 7 years, working on both residential and commercial properties.

Why BC Thermal Window Restoration Was Started: In February of 2004, Scott decided that owning his own business was an opportunity that he wanted to seize. Scott became involved with one of the inventer of the window defogging procedure and brought his knowledge into the homes of the Lower Mainland of BC.

From the beginning, the response to window restoration has been very positive because it was a whole new alternative to window replacement, largely unknown to the general public. It never feels good to throw away perfectly usable windows when they can be restored.

We’re happy to be able to provide an environmentally friendly option that is also more economical than a full window replacement. As a small business owner, Scott now has the freedom to interact directly with his customers and provide a great services that gives him a strong sense of personal satisfaction.

BC Thermal Window Restoration is here to stay and we look forward to doing business with you!

Why Choose Us?

  • In business since May of 2005.
  • We offer free, no obligation estimates.
  • We will de-fog and restore your windows.
  • We provide low cost window replacement.
  • We provide an environmentally friendly option.
  • Vancouver’s first and leading window defogger.
  • Our goal is to maximize a lasting quality clear window.
  • We pledge to give our customers the most accurate information.